Where to get free Images for your Blog or Website

Have you ever looked for Images for your Blog or Website that you can use legally? I was quite frustrated when I realized how expensive it is to buy Images. At Shutterstock for instance I would have to pay €49 for only 10 Photos. Are they out of their mind? That is insane! No small Blog Owner can afford to buy Images for that much.

Fortunately I was googling for Free Images again today and found Pexels.
You can use their Photos Free for personal and commercial use it is even up to you if you want to say thanks to the Photographer and set a link back to his or her Foto.

I think I will link all the Images I am using from Pexels to the Original Photo. I think it’s just the right thing to do.
I guess I will also upload a few of my Fotos and I would like it as well, if People link back to me, if they use my Fotos.

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