What is the Crypto.com app?

What's the Crypto.com app?

I came across the Crypto.com app by chance a few weeks ago and was really impressed with its features. Meanwhile I have the so-called MCO Ruby Steel Visa card and I am totally convinced of it, too. But now I don’t want to torture you any longer and show you what the app is capable of. The Crypto.com app is not only a wallet for crypto currencies, but much more.

Crypto Wallet

Once you have installed the app, you will have a crypto wallet on which you can buy, sell, receive and send a variety of other Altcoins in addition to the most common crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, XRP, EOS, Cardano, Chainlink, etc. I especially like the fact that you can send money to other users of the app for free.


If you want to trade with crypto currencies, then “Exchange” is just the right thing for you. I am Hodler myself and therefore I am not interested in Exchange at the moment.

Crypto Earn

Crypto Earn is also a crypto wallet, but here you earn interest when you hold currencies. You can send crypto currencies for free from your “Crypto Wallet” to “Crypto Earn” and decide whether you hold them there flexibly, for one month or 3 months. For example, if I hold Bitcoin at “Crypto Earn” for one month I get 3% interest per year, if I hold it for 3 months I get 4.5% interest and if I want to have flexible access to my Bitcoins at any time I get 1.5% interest. The amount of interest depends on the crypto currency and how many MCO Tokens I hold. Since I applied for a Ruby Steel credit card, I had to stake (hold) 50 MCO. If I had chosen a “Royal Indigo” or “Jade Green” card, I would have had to stake 500 MCO, but would have received more interest on the crypto currencies I hold at “Crypto Earn”.

Fiat Wallet

In the Fiat Wallet I can hold conventional currencies, such as the Euro or the British Pound. I can deposit or withdraw money from my Fiat account via SEPA transfer. To buy crypto currencies I need money in my Fiat account.

MCO Visa Card

As a user of the Crypto.com app, you will receive one of 7 different Visa cards, on which neither a registration fee nor an annual fee is charged.
However, for the metal cards you have to stake MCO. The more MCO you hold, the better the features of the cards.
Free: Midnight Blue
50 MCO: Ruby Steel
500 MCO: Jade Green, Royal Indigo
5000 MCO: Icy White, Frosted Rose Gold
50000 MCO: Obsidian Black


Referral bonus: Recommend a friend and you get $50
Pay Rewards: Get cashback when you use crypto.com Pay
Card Cashback: Get cashback for every payment with your MCO Visa Card


Many online shops now accept crypto.com Pay, and you can also use the app to top up your prepaid mobile phone or buy gift cards from Media Markt, Saturn, Runners Point, Zalando etc.


At Track you can view the prices, chart and other information of hundreds of crypto currencies, even if you can’t buy them with the app yet.

Crypto.com Cryptocurrencies

Crypto.com has its own crypto currencies. CRO and MCO.
MCO must be staked if you want to apply for a Metal Visa card. CRO is I believe the base currency at Exchange. I don’t use Exchange, but I keep CRO, because I get 16% interest on it at the moment. Both crypto.com currencies are in the top 100 by market capitalization. CRO is currently even on place 10.

I will write detailed articles about the app here in the next days, so check back soon.

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