What is “Crypto Earn” from Crypto.com?

The Crypto.com App has a lot of useful functions.
One of them is the sub-account “Crypto Earn”. Crypto Earn works like a savings account, or time deposit account and I earn interest on my crypto currencies there.

How do I load crypto currency into my Crypto Earn account?

You just have to click on Accounts, then on “Crypto Earn” and then on the + icon. You will now see all the crypto currencies on which you earn interest at Crypto.com. Now select a crypto currency that you already own and have in your crypto.com wallet. Then you choose how long you want to hold the crypto currency. You have the choice between Flexible, 1 month and 3 months. The longer you stake the currency, the higher the interest.

On which crypto currencies can I get interest at crypto.com?

Currently there are the following 27 crypto currencies that I can hold at Crypto Earn:BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BNB, TUSD, PAX, USDC, TGBP, TCAD, TAUD, MCO, BAT, LINK, CRO, MKR, DAI, PAXG, EOS, XLM, ATOM, XTZ, BCH, VET, ICX, ADA and ENJ.
The interest is credited to my Crypto Wallet every 7 days.

What’s the interest rate I get at Crypto Earn?

The amount of interest depends on the crypto currency and how many MCO Token you hold.
In the following table you can see all crypto currencies you can currently hold at Crypto.com.

CryptocurrencyInterest with 50 MCO or LessInterest with 500 MCO
BTC (Flexible)1.5%?
BTC (1 Month)3%?
BTC (3 Months)4.5%?
ETH (Flexible)2%?
ETH (1 Month)3%?
ETH (3 Months)4%?
LTC (Flexible)2%?
LTC (1 Month)3%?
LTC (3 Months)4%?
XRP (Flexible)1.5%?
XRP (1 Month)2.5%?
XRP (3 Months)3.5 %?
BNB (Flexible)1%?
BNB (1 Month)2%?
BNB (3 Months)4%?
TUSD (Flexible)6%?
TUSD (1 Month)8%?
TUSD (3 Months)10%?
PAX (Flexible)6%8%
PAX (1 Month)8%10%
PAX (3 Months)10%12%
USDC (Flexible)6%8%
USDC (1 Month)8%10%
USDC (3 Months)10%12%
TGBP (Flexible)6%8%
TGBP (1 Month)8%10%
TGBP (3 Months)10%12%
TCAD (Flexible)6%8%
TCAD (1 Month)8%10%
TCAD (3 Months)10%12%
TAUD (Flexible)6%8%
TAUD (1 Month)8%10%
TAUD (3 Months)10%12%
MCO (Flexible)1%?
MCO (1 Month)2%?
MCO (3 Months)4%?
BAT (Flexible)1%?
BAT (1 Month)2%?
BAT (3 Months)4%?
LINK (Flexible)1%?
LINK (1 Month)2%?
LINK (3 Months)4%?
CRO (Flexible)12%14%
CRO (1 Month)14%16%
CRO (3 Months)16%18%
MKR (Flexible)1%?
MKR (1 Month)2%?
MKR (3 Months)4%?
DAI (Flexible)6%8%
DAI (1 Month)8%10%
DAI (3 Months)10%12%
PAXG (Flexible)1%?
PAXG (1 Month)2%?
PAXG (3 Months)4%?
EOS (Flexible)1%?
EOS (1 Month)2%?
EOS (3 Months)4%?
XLM (Flexible)1%?
XLM (1 Month)2%?
XLM (3 Months)4%?
ATOM (Flexible)1%?
ATOM (1 Month)2%?
ATOM (3 Months)4%?
XTZ (Flexible)1%?
XTZ (1 Month)2%?
XTZ (3 Months)4%?
BCH (Flexible)1%?
BCH (1 Month)2%?
BCH (3 Months)3%?
VET (Flexible)1%?
VET (1 Month)2%?
VET (3 Months)4%?
ICX (Flexible)4%?
ICX (1 Month)6%?
ICX (3 Months)8%?
ADA (Flexible)1%?
ADA (1 Month)2%?
ADA (3 Months)4%?
ENJ (Flexible)1%?
ENJ (1 Month)2%?
ENJ (3 Months)4%?

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