Upload Bitcoin to “Wallet of Satoshi”.

To be able to go shopping with the Wallet of Satoshi, you must have money on it of course.
Therefore, in this article I will show you how to send Bitcoins from your Bitcoin wallet to your Wallet of Satoshi.
In this example, I sent the money from my Exodus Wallet.

How to top up your Wallet of Satoshi

The very first thing you do is click “Receive” in the top left of the app.
Now a CR code will appear. Either scan the QR code with the app you want to send bitcoin from, or copy the address by clicking on the QR code.
Before doing so, make sure that “On-Chain” is selected above the QR code. This is because you need to send yourself the first Bitcoins via the Bitcoin network .

Receiving Bitcoins in the Wallet of Satoshi.

I copied and pasted the address into my Exodus wallet and then clicked send. I paid 0.0002596 BTC, or €0.69, for the transaction at Exodus.
That was relatively cheap. The good thing about Exodus is that I can set myself a limit for the transaction fee.

Send Bitcoin from Exodus Wallet

I was then immediately shown in the Wallet of Satoshi that my payment was on its way:

Bitcoin Satoshis on the way from wallet to wallet.

And not even 3 minutes later, the money was in the wallet:

Balance of the Wallet of Satoshi.

The whole transaction cost about €1,70 in bitcoin. Since I sent €1,000, that equates to 0.17%. That is already super cheap. Now I will send €5 from my wallet to my wife’s wallet.

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