Tutorial for MetaMask, the browser based crypto wallet for Ethereum-based tokens.

Metamask Website

Metamask is a Non-Custodial crypto wallet for Ethereum based cryptocurrencies. Non-Custodial means that you don’t have to sign up anywhere and no personal information such as your ID card, driver’s license or passport is required. Metamask is available as a browser extension and for iOS and Android. In this article I will only talk about Metamask as a browser extension. Browsers supported are Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge. Which browser you install it on doesn’t matter, but I personally prefer Chrome.

How can I install Metamask on Google Chrome?

You can find the download links for the Metmask extension at metamask.io/download.html.
This is the official website of Metamask. Do not download the extension on any other website. This can be a scam and your account will be emptied sooner or later. So always follow the links from metamask.io. The MetaMask extension for Google Chrome currently has more than 10 million downloads. If it says less, it is not the original MetaMask version.
On the MetaMask Chrome Extension page, click “Add to Chrome” and then click “Add Extension”.

Add Metamask Extension.

Once installed, you should see the following page. Next to the extension is a pushpin. You can use it to pin MetaMask to the top bar, which I would recommend.

Welcome to MetaMask

Now click on “Get Started.” Now you can restore an existing wallet with an existing seed key, or set up a brand new wallet. Now click on “Create a Wallet.”

Create a Wallet

Now you can allow MetaMask to collect anonymized data from you. Whether you click “No Thanks” or “I Agree” doesn’t matter. You can use the extension in both cases.

Improve Metamask

Next, create a password. Remember your password well because if you lose it, you won’t be able to get access to your coins.
If you don’t have the seed key either, your money is gone. Be aware of this.

Create Metamask Password

Now you will be shown a short intro video about the Seed Phrase. The Seed Phrase consists of 12 words and must not get into anyone else’s hands. With the Seed Phrase, anyone can get your coins. It should be kept in a safe place. The passwords for your wallets are not that important, because with the Seed Phrase you can always get to your coins or tokens.

Info video about recovery words

You now have the option to view the Recovery Phrase. Make sure that no one but you can see these 12 words.

invisible seed phrase

Now click on the lock to view the 12 words. I’m posting my seed phrase here now to illustrate what it looks like. Besides, I won’t be using this wallet anyway.

12 Words Recovery Phrase

You will now be prompted to enter the recovery phrase again. Safe is safe.

Confirm Seed Recovery Phrase (12 words)

The MetaMask wallet is now installed.

Installation complete

You can now buy, send, and swap Ethereum and other tokens.

Metamask Ethereum Mainnet

How can I recover a Metamask wallet with my seed phrase


I have now installed MetaMask again on Firefox on the same machine. But this time I clicked “No, I already have a seed key” and was then prompted to enter it.

12 Words at Recovery Phrase

The wallet was successfully recovered and is now running on Firefox for me.

Recovered MetaMask Wallet

Change Metamask settings

If you click on the fox and then the 3 little black dots, you can expand the view and work in the browser window.

Edit MetaMask in Browser Window

If you click on the circle next to the networks, you will get to all the settings.

Manage Metamask Settings

Here you can set the language, the main currency and the currency conversion, among other things. You can also access the security settings and display the seed phrase again. Furthermore, you can manage the test networks and add more networks here.

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