The MCO Visa card from can be topped up with Fiat money.

I’ve been a happy user of the app for a few weeks now and a few days ago I received my Ruby Steel card.

Crypto currencies are basically still in their infancy and as far as I know only about 1% of the world’s population owns any crypto currency. So there is definitely still some room for improvement. If you don’t want to know anything about crypto currencies and stumble across the app, you’ll probably want to get out of here right away.

But many people don’t know that you don’t have to have any crypto currencies on your card account to use the card. All you have to do is load Fiat money onto your card to be able to pay with it. If you want to get the “Midnight Blue” card, you don’t have to buy and hold a single crypto currency.
However, with the “Midnight Blue” card there is only 1% cashback on every purchase. If you want more cashback, you have to buy MCO Token and hold it for at least 6 months. But if you have one of the metal cards and the 6 months have passed, you can of course sell the MCO Token and continue using the card.

The app includes a Crypto Wallet and a Fiat Wallet. You can load the MCO Visa card with money from the Crypto Wallet, the Fiat Wallet, or with an external credit card. So if you think that crypto currencies have no future, you can still benefit from the MCO Visa card.

Just click on “Card” in the app and then on “Top Up”.

MCO Visa Card top up with Fiat money

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