MCO Visa Card has been reactivated

Those who used their app today will have received the following message: Your MCO Visa Card Has Been Reactivated Kindly note that the card balance was refunded to your crypto wallet last week, please top up your card before using it. I wasn’t expecting that. It’s nice that I can use my Ruby Steel Card after only 3 days.[…]

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I was quite surprised yesterday. I had bought a little something from Aldi during my lunch break and paid with my MCO Visa card. And as usual, my cash back was immediately credited to my app. But wait a minute… my whole purchase did only cost €2.37, but I got €0.24 refunded. That’s more than 10% !!! So I[…]

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What is the app?

I came across the app by chance a few weeks ago and was really impressed with its features. Meanwhile I have the so-called MCO Ruby Steel Visa card and I am totally convinced of it, too. But now I don’t want to torture you any longer and show you what the app is capable of. The app is[…]

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