Send crypto currencies to App users free of charge

With the app I can of course send crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink etc. to other wallets with total ease. Usually there are fees for each transaction, which pay the miners. However, if I send a crypto currency from my app to another user of the app, I don’t pay for it.

How can I send crypto currencies to another user?

The first thing you need to do is click on the Sympol in the middle of the taskbar:

Click on the icon

Then you click on “Pay”:

Click Pay

Now click on “send”:

Click on send

You will now see the contacts from your address book who also use the app. Of course, you have to give the app permission first.
Click on the person you want to send money to. users from your address book

You will now be shown the crypto currencies that you hold in your wallet. Select the currency you want to send. As I keep over 10,000 CRO for 3 months in my Crypto Earn Wallet, I even get 10% cashback.

Crypto Currencies You Can Send.

In this example, I’ve sent €2 as CRO to Jane Doe. You can switch between the crypto and fiat currency by clicking on the small box when entering the amount. You can also attach a message to the transfer:

Send Fiat or crypto currency

That’s it, as soon as you have sent the money, it will arrive at the recipient. To view the transaction, click on “Accounts” in the system tray and then on the icon with the clock:

Clock icon under accounts

Here you can see the last transactions. As you can see, I have already been paid the 10%.

Account transactions at

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