PS5 only at Fakeshops for €499,00 or at Kaufland for €900,00

I would love to have a PS5…

I used to play Gran Turismo every now and then. Then at some point it was no longer possible to play GT online and the PS3 was gathering dust in the basement.
At some point I got the urge again, but the PS5 was already announced and I wanted to wait for it instead of getting a PS4.
The PS5 Standard Edition is officially available since November 2020 for €499,00 in Germany and the Digital Edition (without drive) for €399,00.

PS5 €400 over MSRP

As we all know, the Playstation 5 is nowhere to be found. I’ ve been looking for a year now and then sporadically to see if I can find one somewhere, but unfortunately without success.
If, then it was always only at some Ebay dealers, who offered the good piece at horrendous prices by “Buy it now”. Via auctions you don’t even have to try, the prices shoot up. Meanwhile, even serious retailers and large retail chains, such as Kaufland jump on the bandwagon and sell the Playstation 5 for almost double the RRP (recommended retail price of the manufacturer).

PS5 for €900 at Kaufland

If you don’t want to spend €900 on the Playstatiom, keep trying and hope for some luck.

PS5 for €499,00 at a fakeshop

Last night I had googled again for the PS5 and was almost happy to see that a store just had it for €499,00.
The store is called However, a brief investigation showed that this store is a fakeshop, ie a scam.

PS5 499,00 Scam

If you send your money here, you will never see it again and you will not get a PS5. So be careful. Whoever finds a PS5 should be careful and do some research about the store.

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