Personal recommendation: Beer garden Zum Alten Lotsenhaus.

In the beer garden of the restaurant Zum Alten Lotsenhaus.

Since yesterday was Ascension Day or Father’s Day, my wife and I treated ourselves to a relaxed day. Those who live in Hamburg or have been to Hamburg before probably know the Övelgönne ferry terminal. Here, you’ll find a variety of cafes, restaurants, bars, and beer gardens. If you arrive by ferry, you’ll likely stop at one of the restaurants near the front. However, it’s worth taking a few more steps to go to Zum Alten Lotsenhaus. Firstly, it’s not as crowded as the restaurants near the front, and secondly, it has a great atmosphere. The staff at Zum Alten Lotsenhaus are very friendly and attentive, and it’s really enjoyable to have a drink there. From there, you have a direct view of the Elbe beach and the passing ships. I can’t speak about the quality of the restaurant yet, but from what I could assess, the guests who had also eaten something seemed very satisfied. If you want to enjoy a cold beer and experience some harbor atmosphere, this is the perfect place to be.

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