Perfect Weather in Frankfurt

Skyline of Frankfurt, Main River and Restaurant Oosten

Wow, it’s extremely cold in Frankfurt, but the Weather is just brilliant. So I grabbed my Bicycle and took a little Ride along the Main River. The Picture shows the Skyline of Frankfurt, the Main and the Restaurant Oosten. If you’ve never been to Frankfurt, I recommend you take a walk on the River from Holbeinsteg to Hafenpark. There are Bridges at Hafenpark and Oosten , so you can cross the River and walk back on the other side. I took the Picture from the Train bridge. What you can not see on this Picture is the ECB, which is right in front of Oosten, so on the right of the Picture. Taking a break on the Rooftop of Oosten and having a cold Beer with a view of the Skyline is just brilliant.

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