I’ve just received my MCO Visa Card “Ruby Steel” from crypto.com

MCO Visa Card

I just got back from a Camping Trip and found my new MCO Visa Card “Ruby Steel” from crypto.com in the Mail. When the Status of my Card changed from “Issued” to “Shipped”, it said that it will take approximately 7-14 Days. But in my case it took only 3 or 4 days. I live in Germany and the Card was shipped from the UK, so it arrived pretty quick.
Is’n this Card a Beauty? This is how the Back of the Card looks like:

MCO Visa Card

It is a Metal Card and valid for 5 Years. I’m currently using a Visa Card from my Bank ING for almost everything, but I guess this card will replace my ING Visa Card, because I will receive a 2% Cashback on everything I’m buying. I will test this Card thoroughly in the coming weeks and write about it, so stay tuned.
The Card comes in a neat Box:

Box of the MCO Visa Card from crypto.com

Box of the MCO Visa Card from crypto.com

Box of the MCO Visa Card from crypto.com

There is also a Note inside of the Box which reads the following:

Thank You.

Two simple words, but they have our entire Team behind them.

From our humble beginnings until today, customers like you that reserved their cards have demonstrated great faith in Crypto.com and share in our vision of Cryptocurrency in “Every Wallet”.

Today, I’m delighted to present you with your:

MCO Visa Card – Ruby Steel

Please activate your card with the Crypto.com App which will allow you to buy, spend and exchange fiat and cryptocurrencies and stake MCO Tokens as required.

Once again, thank you. I hope you enjoy the freedom and flexibility of your MCO Visa Card. We will be in touch as we develop further innovative solutions for your consideration.

With warm regards,
Kris Marszalek
Co-Founder and CEO

Acknowledgement from crypto.com

I’m really impressed with all the features crypto.com has. The Visa Cards are just one part of their amazing Products.

Just leave a comment if you’ve got any questions.

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    1. Hi Jorgen, it’s an old article. MCO was changed to CRO a while ago. I’m surprised that MCO Coin is still trading at some Exchanges. I wouldn’t touch it.

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