What if there was no social injustice?

Man wants to work for money

Elon Musk has a total wealth of 271 billion US dollars at this moment. Other people don’t even have enough money to afford a lunch.
The wealth gap is widening. Why is that? Why are the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer?

What if everyone had enough money


Let’s imagine that everyone would have enough capital to not have to work anymore.
The lowest paid people would hang up their jobs. No one would cut our hair anymore, or bake buns in the morning. The apartment, the house or the office would become filthy. The toilets at the rest stops would have to be closed. No one would be able to get to work, because public transportation would stop running and gas stations would be short-staffed. Trucks that deliver goods to supermarkets and factories would also stop. Restaurants would also be closed. Would anyone still care for us when we grow old? Probably not. The fitness center would also be closed. No one would bring us parcels anymore either. In other words, total chaos would break out.

Poorly paid jobs:

  • Fitness trainer: 1,950€/month.
  • Cleaner: 1,100 €/month
  • Cosmetologist*in: 1,860 €/month
  • Florist*in: 1,850 €/month
  • Bakery salesperson: 1,872 €/month
  • Cashier: 1,750 €/month
  • Butcher: 1,890 €/month
    Restaurant specialist*woman: 1,853 €/month

  • Dishwasher: 1,250 €/month
  • Cook: 1,950 €/month
  • Hairdresser: 1,840 €/month
  • Hostess: 1,035 €/month
  • Animal farmer: 1,950 €/month
    Hotel specialist: 1,872 €/month

  • Courier driver: 1,985 €/month
  • Taxi driver: 1,310 €/month
    Source: Jobted

    Poverty is deliberate

    Our system would cease to function if it weren’t for people who rely on the worst jobs. No matter how far back in history we go, there has always been a social injustice. The people who earn the least can barely make a living. There is nothing left to put aside. Getting out of this quagmire is almost impossible and only a few make it. Poverty is inherited, because if you can’t save anything, you won’t inherit anything. In addition, our money is constantly devalued. 100 euros will probably be worth only 10 euros in 50 years.
    This is how it should be, because our system would not work if no one had to work anymore. No store of value is to be inherited. The society is to buck always further, so that it goes well for the rich. It seems that nothing can be done about this misery. Those who do not belong to the financial elite are just out of luck.

    What if we had a better financial system?

    Imagine that the money you put aside today would not continuously lose value, but would constantly increase in value. Imagine if saving was suddenly rewarded and the money you bequeath would increase tenfold, a hundredfold, or even a thousandfold in the coming decades?
    Companies would no longer need to produce junk at the expense of the environment, since the company’s own capital would constantly increase in value.
    The good news is that there is now such a money and it is called Bitcoin. I believe that Bitcoin will change our world. The poorest of the poorest will not get rich from Bitcoin. But at least our money will no longer be devalued. Through Bitcoin, we will once again be able to store value that will not dissolve into nothing over time. It is never too late to invest in Bitcoin. If you put a few euros in Bitcoin every month, you will make yourself and your descendants very happy.

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