Im Herzen Afrikas

Mixed vegetarian dish with Ful, Timtimo, Alicha, Hamli, Schiro and Injera Bread

Last Saturday me and my Wife went for Dinner for the first time in the restaurant Im Herzen Afrikas (In the Heart of Africa) in Frankfurt. As the name suggests, they have African dishes there. The choice of dishes is not so big, which makes it easier for a beginner like me to make a choice. There are 5 different main courses with meat and 5 different main courses without meat, of which 4 are even vegan. I sometimes eat meat, but if possible I prefer vegan and vegetarian dishes.

So we’ve decided to take a mixed plate for 2 people with 5 meatless dishes:

Main dishes without meat

Ful: Beans, Paprika, Feta, Onions, Cumin, Oil
Timtimo: Lentils in tomato sauce, onions
Alicha: Potatoes, carrots, onions, paprika
Hamli: Spinach, tomatoes, onions cooked
Schiro: ground chickpeas in spicy tomato sauce

All dishes are accompanied by a homemade African bread called Injera, which is made from teff flour. So you take a piece of this soft bread, place it on your fingertips and pick up the food with your fingers. There is no cutlery. Of the 5 dishes Timtimo and Schiro tasted best to me, while I found Alicha somewhat boring.

As a drink we drank their own brewed dark beer called Muindu, which also tasted good to us.

If you can’t do without meat, there is of course something for you.

Main dishes with meat

Zigni Begie: beef cut into strips in hot sauce
Keyih Kulwa: Beef steamed with onions, spicy
Tzhada Kulwa: Beef stewed in onions, mild
Dorho: cooked chicken in hot tomato sauce
Bamja: Okra vegetables with beef, Sudanese style

The amount of bread that is served with every dish should not be underestimated. In the end, I was so stuffed, that my belly was hurting. As I said, I liked all the dishes, but the Injera is not really on of my favorite breads out there.
The ambience in Im Herzen Afrikas is totally cosy and the service is top. If you want to try something new, I strongly recommend a visit to the Im Herzen Afrikas.

Im Herzen Afrikas
Gutleutstrasse 13
60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Phone 069 24 24 60 80
Fax 069 24 45 07 52
Web: Im Herzen Afrikas

Walking Distance from:
Central Station: 10 min.
Hauptwache: 12 min.
Konstablerwache: 20 min.

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