How you get more out of your pictures quickly with Darktable.

I’ve been taking pictures with my Nikon D5300 for a few years now. Many of the pictures turned out to be very nice, but many of them were bad. Unfortunately I never really dared to use any image editing program and left most of the pictures as they came out of the camera.

If you have no experience, you don’t necessarily want to buy expensive products.
If you use Adobe Lightroom, you have to pay pretty high yearly Licence Fees for example.

To develop my RAW images I have been using the free software Darktable for a long time. But as I said before, I never bothered to make any changes to the pictures. I just kept them, how they came out of the Camera. Which was a big mistake. In the last few weeks I used the software a bit more and played around with the controls.
The following picture shows how it came out of the camera without doing any changes.

Image has not been improved

The following picture I corrected or improved with Darktable.
To get this dullness out, I reduced the brightness to -0.80.
Then I increased the saturation to 0.70.
And because the image was now too dark, I increased the exposure time by 0.70.
I also increased the sharpness radius and amount. That was all and I think the result is not that bad.

Image was improved with Darktable

All these settings are at the “basic adjustments” and “sharpen” Modules.

It really took me less than two Minutes to make these changes.

By the way, the Original Image was accidentally shot in JPG Format. So, as you can see, it is very easy to turn a crappy Image into something much better with the help of Darktable.
Not bad for a free Software that is available for Linux, Windows and even Apple’s macOS.

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