How to trade BITO ETF if you’re a retail client

I don’t know about other Brokers, but as an Interactive Brokers Customer you’re probably not able to invest in BITO (ProShares Bitcoin Stratey ETF).
At Interactive Brokers you will see the following Message on the Mobile Interactive Brokers App if you try to buy or sell shares of the BITO ETF:

BITO Trading restricted for Retail Clients TWS Mobile

Trading Restricted

This product is currently unavailable to clients
classified as retail clients. Note: Individual
clients and entities that are not large institutions
generally are classified as retail clients. There
may be other products with similar economic
characteristics that are available for you to trade.

The Desktop Version will show a much shorter Message, just saying “Contract is not available for trading”:

BITO Trading restricted for Retail Clients TWS Desktop

Well, if you want to invest in BITO, there is still a way that works. Simply sell or buy BITO Options. I personally sold deep in the money BITO Puts:


It does absolutely makes no sense to allow trading BITO Options, but not BITO Shares. But as long as it’s possible, why not do it.

Of course, this is no investment advise and you have to do your own research and decide for yourself if you want to invest in Bitcoin or the BITO ETF.

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