How important is the age of a domain?

How important is the age of a website?

There are hundreds of factors that determine where your website appears on Google. The age of the domain or the age of the website is one of them. This is where SEO experts argue that the age of the website does not have a big influence on the ranking, while other search engine optimizers see a lot of value in the age of a website.

Is the age of the domain or the age of the website more important

Here it is very clear to distinguish between the age of a domain and the age of the website. It makes a big difference whether a domain was registered 10 years ago but there is no content on the site, or whether it is an active website with many posts that are updated regularly.
If you want to buy a used domain, you can check under which contents were on the website in the last months and years.

How does the age of a website affect the ranking?

I have been running this website for 6 1/2 years and have used it primarily for testing purposes. Every now and then I posted something, but I never invested time for offsite SEO here. So there are almost no backlinks. If I now enter chain wachsen, or fahrradkette wachsen, then a post about the waxing bicycle chains from me to position one and that with over 5 million results.
I paid a little attention to On Site SEO in this article, but there are no backlinks. If I had published this article on a brand new website, I don’t think it would even be in the top 100 on Google. As a rock solid, I am convinced that the age of a website has a big influence on the search engine rankings.

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