How can I send Polygon (MATIC) Coins from to Metamask?

If you want to exchange tokens at Uniswap, Dodo, Krystal, Pancakeswap, Sushiswap or another decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, you have to connect your Metamask wallet to one of these exchanges. In order to then exchange tokens, there must be cryptocurrency in the wallet.

In this article, I want to show you how to send Polygon (MATIC) Coins from to Metamask. First of all, you need to Set up the Polygon (MATIC) Network at Metamask.
When you’re done, switch to the Matic Network at Metamask and view your wallet’s QR code by clicking on the 3 little black dots and then click on “Account Details”:

Copy Metamask Wallet Address.

Alternatively, you can copy the address by clicking on it, but then you would have to send it to your phone somehow. Scanning the QR code is easier.

Now open the app on your smartphone and go to your Polygon (MATIC) wallet via Accounts. Here you now click on “Transfer” and then on “Withdraw”.

Next, click “External Wallet” and then the little blue cross in the upper right.
Now when you click on “Wallet Address” a window will pop up where you can enter the polygon address. Either copy and paste the address, or scan the QR code by clicking on the small icon.

Scan Polygon Address QR Code

The address should appear in the box after scanning. Be sure to select “Polygon” as the network. Otherwise your coins will be lost.

You will probably now need to enter the 6-digit code from your Authenticator app.
The Polygon address will now appear in your “Withdrawal Whitelist”. When you click on the address, you can enter the amount you want to send and send the coins on their way.

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