How can I send Fiat Money to my App?

I am totally excited about the app. About 2 weeks ago I came across it by chance and was totally convinced of its features.

After you have installed the App and uploaded your data, you can get started. To get any use out of the APP, there must be money in it, of course. Either you send a crypto currency from another wallet to the app, or you deposit real Fiat money, like Euros, Dollars, Pounds etc.

How do I send money to the app?

First of all you have to select “Accounts” in the app in the bottom bar.
There you have the possibility to access your “Crypto Wallets”, “Exchange”, “Crypto Earn” and your “Fiat Wallets”.
To deposit money, click on “Fiat Wallet”: Accounts

Under “Fiat Wallet” you can create several currency accounts. To deposit Euros, simply click on “Set Up New Currency” and select “Euros”. Fiat Wallets

Once your Fiat account appears in the app, you can deposit money into it. To do so, you have to click on “Transfer” and select “Deposit”.

Deposit money on

You now have the possibility to make a SEPA transfer: Sepa Transfer

Click on Details and you will see the IBAN, BIC/SWIFT Code, Benificiary, Institution Name, Address and Country.
Actually you only need the IBAN. I’ ve been shown an account in England. You can also get the bank details sent to your e-mail address here.
There are different Rules and Regulations in different Countries. So the App will show you exactly what to do, depending on in which Country you are. I am from Germany, so I was able to make a free SEPA Transfer. This may be not available in your Country.

IBAN, Beneficiary

That was it. The app says that SEPA credit transfers usually take 2-5 business days. But I had transferred the money on a Sunday and it arrived on Monday. So it did not even take 24 hours.

As soon as your account is credited with money, your bank details are saved and you can withdraw money again. It is only possible to withdraw money to you Bank Account if you have previously deposited money by bank transfer. It is also not possible to withdraw amounts under $100. You should be aware of this.

Once you have money in your account you can use it to buy many crypto currencies such as MCO, Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Binance Coin, EOS, Cardano, Tezos etc. etc.

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  1. Hello, i want to deposit my fiat wallet Euro,but idon’t know how to do it. so that’s why i was needing the help.Because i’m new in crypto and i don’t know to do it.That’s why i was needing the help.Maybe if you could give me that tips. because for real i don’t know even how to setup a new currency

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