How can I cancel my ING Girocard (EC card)?

A few weeks ago I pointed out that ING Bank’s girocard will cost €0.99 per month beginning March 01, 2022. These costs can only be avoided by canceling the Girocard. Since the Visa card of ING remains free of charge and can be used to withdraw money for free in countries with euro currency, the Girocard is actually not necessary. In some stores and restaurants, however, credit cards are not accepted. Therefore, everyone should think carefully about whether the Girocard is still needed or not.

Cancel Girocard of ING on the PC


To cancel the Girocard of ING on the PC, you simply log into online banking and click on “Einstellungen” in the upper right corner.

Click on Einstellungen in Online Banking

In the “Einstellungen” you will find the item “girocard”.

Click on girocard under Einstellungen.

Here you click now on “Verwalten”.

Manage girocard click

Under Kartenverwaltung you now click on “Karte kündigen”.

Cancel ING Girocard

Now the desire of the cancellation must be confirmed again with a click on the button “Karte kündigen”.

Girocard final cancel

Alternatively, the ING Girocard can also be cancelled directly in the ING Banking app.
To do this, simply click on the 3 orange lines at the top left, then on “Karten” and then on “Karte kündigen” at the girocard.

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