So after I recently presented the Bethmannpark and the Ostpark to you, I would like to present the Günthersburgpark today. The park was laid out in 1837 by the banker Carl Mayer von Rothschild and has been open to the public since 1892. It has a size of 7.4 hectares.

What does the Günthersburgpark offer?

In the north the park has a lot of free meadow area, which is ideal for a picnic or sunbathing, as you can easily see on the following picture.

Large meadow area in Günthersburgpark

Further south, the area has an old, dense tree population and offers sufficient shade on very hot days.

Trees in Günthersburgpark

Trees in Günthersburgpark

Schreitender Stier by fRITZ bOEHLE
Sculpture ” Schreitender Stier” by Fritz Boehle from the year 1910

In the middle of the park is the playground Wasserspiele. Here the children can let off steam in summer, when the pool is filled with water:

Naked sculpture playground water games in the Günthersburgpark

Playground Wasserspiele im Günthersburgpark

Playground Wasserspiele im Günthersburgpark

Naked Sculpture Playground Wasserspiele im Günthersburgpark

Naked sculpture playground water games in the Günthersburgpark

Above the water games there is another beautiful playground with lots of play equipment for climbing, romping and sliding.

Playground at the Café im Günthersburg

Café in Günthersburgpark

The good thing is that right next to the playground is the café in the Günthersburgpark, where you can sit outside wonderfully in summer.
In addition to coffee and cake, you can also get Radler (“Beer mixed with Lemonade”), beer and non-alcoholic drinks etc. here. So if you come with the whole family, you can make it nice in the café while keeping an eye on the little ones on the playground. The prices are absolutely moderate.

Café im Günthersburgpark

Café im Günthersburgpark

Café im Günthersburgpark


Due to its size and location, the park is also very popular with joggers, as it can be reached quickly by Bornheimer and Nordender. I also go running here from time to time, but would not recommend the park to beginners, as it has a slight gradient. Running in the Ostpark is not that strenuous.

Where is the Günthersburgpark?

Map Günthersburgpark

The park is located in Frankfurt’s Nordend-Ost district and borders the Bornheim district. It is located between Comeniusstr and Wetteraustraße. If you take a walk along Berger Straße, you can make a detour to this park. It only takes 5 minutes on foot to get here from the underground station Bornheim Mitte.

Wetteraustraße 7
60389 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/cG9qxh8mNxpGBtZa7

bottom line

In my opinion, the Günthersburgpark is one of the most beautiful parks in Frankfurt and offers something for the whole family. Those who are travelling in Nordend or Bornheim should definitely make a sidetrip to this park.

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