GIMP: No screenshot “Select a region to grab” possible under KDE

I often work with GIMP and take screenshots with it almost daily.
Previously it was easy to take a screenshot of part of the screen.

Select region to grab with GIMP under KDE

MX Linux with XFCE has been my distribution of choice for a few weeks now. Now yesterday I installed KDE on my main system.
When I then, as usual wanted to make a screenshot of a portion of the screen, this function was suddenly gone.
I could hardly believe my eyes.

No Select Region To Grab under KDE in Gimp

So I logged out and logged in again under XFCE. And lo and behold, under XFCE the function is still there:

GIMP Select Region to Grab only under XFCE.

I have never seen anything like this before. I guess I’ll have to stick with XFCE for now.

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