Frankfurt Ostpark in Ostend

Today I would like to introduce you to the Ostpark in Frankfurt’s Ostend district. There are many parks in Frankfurt and the Ostpark is one of them. In the last 2 years the park has been completely renovated. Originally the park was supposed to be finished by September 2018. But I was there yesterday and there are still isolated construction sections and meanwhile we already have May 2019. Anyway, the park has become very beautiful.

The Ostpark is ideal for running and strolling and the large sunbathing lawn is perfect for a barbecue or picnic:

What can you do in the Ostpark?


Due to its size, the Ostpark is very popular with joggers. I go running there myself, too, because it’s too crowded to run almost everywhere in downtown Frankfurt.

Go for a walk

Of course, the park is also a wonderful place to go for a walk. In the last few months most of the paths have been renewed and new playgrounds have been built. The park is now suitable for old and young.


Barbecuing is allowed in the Ostpark and since you can’t just start your barbecue anywhere in Frankfurt, the park attracts crowds of barbecue enthusiasts when the weather is fine. In the past it looked quite chaotic on the grill meadow. Now new grill zones with paved islands were established, so that the whole meadow is not “abused” exclusively for grilling. Who grills outside of the grill zones, gets most probably attendance of the public order office and is requested to go into the grill range, or to turn off the grill.

A few impressions:

Aggressive Goose
There are many geese in the park, as everywhere in Frankfurt, that can get a bit aggressive if you get too close to them.

Geese Baby
….especially if you threaten their babies.

New playground at Ostpark Frankfurt
Playground in the Ostpark Frankfurt.

Ostparkweiher with new viewing platform
East park pond with new viewing platform

Seats in front of the Ostparkweiher
Park benches with a view of the Ostparkweiher.

Large sunbathing lawn
Large sunbathing area with barbecue areas..

Penalty point on the Earth's axis
“Elfmeterpunkt auf der Erdachse” a work of art designed by Fritz Weigle alias F.W. Bernstein.

Where is the Ostpark?


The Frankfurter Ostpark is located opposite the Eissporthalle and the Festplatz am Ratsweg (where the Dippemess takes place twice a year).
There are parking lots directly at the park in the Ostparkstraße. Parking in Frankfurt is almost everywhere problematic, therefore I would rather arrive with the subway. The best way is to take the U7 to the “Eissporthalle” stop.
Ratsweg 10,
60386 Frankfurt am Main
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