Found this old Vans Audio Cassette from 1992

I got this Audio Cassette as a promotional Gift in a Vans Shop in San Diego in 1992 or 1993.
Unbelievable those days, nobody had a Cell Phone, nobody knew about the Internet and there were no Navigation Systems in the Cars.
I still managed to cross the Country and drive from the East to the West Coast and I was also able to find places.
Not many People had a PC and Music was stored on an Audio Cassette and not on a USB Stick.

I got this Tape more than 25 years ago and it still works brilliantly on my Yamaha Tape Deck:

Imagine if someone gives me an USB Stick today with Music on it I bet will not work anymore in 25 years…there is probably no device that can read USB Sticks either.

Anyway, there were 9 Songs on this Tape with the following Songs:

Dada: Who you are
Pato Banton: Bubbling Hot
Concrete Blonde: Walking in London
React 2 Rhythm: Intoxication
Brothers & Systems: All about Me
Monks of Doom: Flint Jack
29 Palms: Gone, Gone, Gone
The Final Cut: I believe in you
Falling Joys: God in a Dustbin

Not really my Type of Music back in the Day, but actually I kind of like it now.

1 thought on “Found this old Vans Audio Cassette from 1992

    You took me back in time.
    I had this mixed tape!
    This was lost in time but I always looked for information and today I found your site with the photo and the tracklist!

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