Fix Error “error: file /boot/vmlinuz-….not found”

Error: file boot vmlinuz load Kernel

error file “/boot/vmlinuz-5.10-x86_64” not found.
error: you need to load the kernel first.

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If you get the above error message when booting your system, something probably went wrong when upgrading or deleting the kernel.
The file that is called at boot time under grub is no longer there. You will now have to load a different kernel at boot time.

To find out what kernels are on your system select the partition you want to boot and click “c” to get to a grub command line.

Find Linux Kernel

Now type ls and the disk and partition you want to boot. If it is the first partition on the first hard drive, you should type the following command:

ls (hd0,1)/


then click on the tab key. You will see the folders on the partition. If you are on the right partition, you will find the boot folder. Now enter the following command:

ls (hd0,1)/boot/


Now all available kernels are displayed. Write down the available vmlinuz and the initframs.
Now exit the command line by clicking esc and click “e” to edit the boot settings.

Change grub settings

Change the kernel and initramfs number and boot your system with Ctrl-x or F10. Now you should get back to your system.

In the file /boot/grub/grub.cfg you can change the entries, so you don’t have to repeat all the steps above when booting your System again.

3 thoughts on “Fix Error “error: file /boot/vmlinuz-….not found”

  1. Hi, nice job ! I’m running a Linux Mint KDE system and encountered this problem after an upgrade.
    I tried a few solutions that didn’t work, but your’s works perfectly !
    Many thanks.

  2. Hello, I did this today but when doing ls (hd0,1)/ all I get is lost+found/ Data/ & Steam Library. How am I gonna use this now??? I can’t find my boot file anymore… I’m on Manjaro

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