Experience report Freizeit – Camping Erlichsee

Experience report leisure - Camping Erlichsee

On the Corpus Christi weekend me and my wife took a break and we camped for 4 days on the campsite “Freizeit – Camping Erlichsee”.
The camping site is located in the village of Oberhausen-Rheinhausen and lies directly on the beautiful Erlichsee.
I don’t know when I was last camping in Germany, but that must be a good 35 years ago. The last time I and my wife were on the road with the tent was in France and Italy.
Anyway, the camping site at the Erlichsee is a dream. Such a well-kept facility and such nice employees, you don’t really experience something like that very often.

Those who arrive with a tent will get their money’s worth, as the motorhomes and the tents are not located at the same place. In addition, one sees actually only permanent campers with mobile homes. Cars are not allowed on the campsite. I only know that the tents are outnumbered and that you have to put your tent between some cars or caravans. At Camping Erlichsee the car is parked in front of the entrance and you bring all your camping equipment with a handcart to the campsite.

As there are no cars on the square, there is of course a totally relaxed atmosphere. Parents can let their children run around the course all day without worrying about them running in front of a car.

On the site there is also a diving school and a beer garden with reasonable prices. Those who do not want to stay over night can also come here and simply stay one day in order to bath or to lie on the beach and/or the big meadow.

The sanitary facilities are very clean and well maintained. Due to the corona crisis, however, only 2 people were allowed to enter the showers or toilets at the same time. Which we found basically pleasant.

The Erlichsee

The lake is a dream, but on most of the banks there are reeds or trees. Walking around the lake and enjoying the view is therefore not possible. This has of course the advantage that the lake is not overcrowded with bathers.

As is well known, pictures say more than 1000 words:

Conclusion: We’ll be back for sure

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