Error Message: You have launched an older version of Thunderbird

A newer Version of Thunderbird may have made changes

Unfortunately, I am currently facing this Thunderbird error message:

You have launched an older version of Thunderbird

A newer version of Thunderbird may have made changes to your
profile which are no longer compatible with this older version. Use
this profile only with that newer version, or create a new profile

For this installation of Thunderbird. Creating a new profile requires
setting up your accounts, calendars and add-ons again.

More information…

Unfortunately this is a wrong error message, because I am using the latest version of Thunderbird.

The problem is that on my system I can no longer get to my old emails and email accounts. I have found a workaround, but it might not be reproducible for many.

The cause of the problem: I have installed several different Linux distributions on my computer. Among others MX Linux, Linux Mint and Manjaro.
I have the /home folder on another partition and hard drive. So I can mount /home via /etc/fstab and always have the same settings, no matter which operating system I boot.

Generally this is very handy, because if the system ever stops working properly, you just do a fresh install and have everything you need right away. Documents, desktop icons etc, everything is in its place.

I bought new hardware a few weeks ago and since then my system does not run stable anymore. After a fresh reinstallation I can’t get to my emails with Thunderbird. No matter if I install Manjaro, Mint, Mx Linux. With the old unstable system I also can’t get to my mails when I start Thunderbird.
I have tried so much now that I don’t know what to do.

However, I still got to my data. I have an older Manjaro Linux installation on another computer, on which also an older Thunderbird version is installed. I simply copied the mail folder to the old computer. The path looks something like this:



Then started Thunderbird and Voila, all mails are still retrievable.

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