CRO Token ( Inflation Rate

CRO is a Cryptocurrency from that got my Attention a couple of weeks ago.
I am so amazed by features that I didn’t hesitate very long and opened an Account.
If you’re holding CRO in your account and also holding at least 500 MCO, you will receive a whopping 18% interest per year on your CRO Currency.
You can not mine CRO, you simply have to buy them and hold them. The circulating supply is increasing because they pay up to 18% interest rate.
At the time of this writing the circulating supply is 17.348.401.826 CRO which equals 17.35% of the Total supply. But how many CRO are added every day?
I couldn’t find that Information, so I will simply write down the circulating supply on a weekly basis which should give us an idea, how many CRO are added daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. In a couple of weeks we should get a clearer Picture of the Inflation Rate of CRO.

DateCirculating SupplyTotal SupplyPercentageAdded
07/04/202017.918.264.840 CRO100.000.000.000 CRO17.92 %241095890
07/01/202017.677.168.950 CRO100.000.000.000 CRO17.68 %
06/25/202017.436.073.059 CRO100.000.000.000 CRO17.44 %0
06/18/202017.436.073.059 CRO100.000.000.000 CRO17.44 %0
06/11/202017,436.073.059 CRO100.000.000.000 CRO17.44 %21917808
06/10/202017,414,155,251 CRO100.000.000.000 CRO17.41 %21917808
06/09/202017.392.237.443 CRO100.000.000.000 CRO17.39 %21917808
06/08/202017.370.319.635 CRO100.000.000.000 CRO17.37 %21.917.809
06/07/202017.348.401.826 CRO100.000.000.000 CRO17.35 %

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