Buy bitcoin at your own house bank

Buying Bitcoin at the house bank

I have always said it, one day we will be able to buy Bitcoins at our own home bank.
In the US, this is now possible. Investment managers who are customers of the American bank US Bank can now buy Bitcoins at this very bank.
A statement from the bank said:

U.S. Bank announced today that its cryptocurrency custody services are now live and available to their Global Fund Services clients. The services are intended for institutional investment managers with private funds in the U.S. or Cayman Islands who would like a safekeeping solution for Bitcoin – with additional coin support coming soon. NYDIG, a leading technology and financial services company dedicated to Bitcoin, is the first crypto sub-custodian announced in the bank’s network of providers.

Source: US Bank

US Bank is the first bank to allow institutional investors to buy Bitcoin, but other banks will surely follow suit.
It’s only a matter of time before ordinary customers can buy Bitcoins from their own bank. But it will come, I’m sure of it.

I think that many investors would like to buy Bitcoin, but just don’t dare because there are many dubious providers. Where should you buy Bitcoins, if you have no idea and do not want to be ripped off. Of course, if one’s own house bank, which already offers share deposits, now also includes cryptocurrencies in its portfolio, then this will once again spur the demand for Bitcoins.

What do you think? Will we soon be able to buy Bitcoins at our own bank?

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