Brunch at Alex Skyline Plaza

Yesterday I’ve been at the Alex in the Skyline Plaza again after a while. The Alex is actually not in the Skyline Plaza, but on the roof. The best way to get there is by elevator. I always liked to go to this Alex, because I like the great atmosphere. Of course it was the same yesterday, but I was a bit disappointed by the buffet. From Mondays to Saturdays, the breakfast Buffet costs €9,60, on Sundays and holidays it is €14,50.

A small glass of orange juice is included in the price. I’m actually not complaining about the price. €9,60 is ok and you get almost everything, you’re supposed to get on a Buffet in this Price Range. The Alex writes:

Your ALEX offers you delicious spreads, sausage and cheese as well as muesli, fine yoghurt and crunchy fruit. The dream duo tomato and mozzarella is included as is the selection of desserts, bacon, sausages, egg dishes, fried potatoes and crispy fresh salads. On every Sunday and holiday we extend our delicious breakfast offer with various warm delicacies, which invite you to linger until the early afternoon. Each breakfast and brunch buffet is accompanied by a glass of delicious orange nectar.

There is not much to add and I liked the fried potatoes best. But what I missed was for example salmon or some other fish. I think there used to be that on Saturdays as well. I also searched in vain for grilled or pickled vegetables. I find tomatoes with lettuce leaves and some dressings a bit boring. The selection of (sausage) toppings is relatively large, but there could have been a bit more cheeses.

All in all the brunch at Alex in Skyline Plaza is ok. I just remembered it a little better. The choice of vegetarian food is unfortunately a bit poor.

I wouldn’t recommend brunch to vegetarians and certainly not to vegans. In general I like this Alex restaurant and I would recommend it for a beer after work or to go out for dinner. But next time we will probably brunch somewhere else.

It’s still empty, but there’s a great atmosphere here at Alex Skyline Plaza Frankfurt.

In nice weather it is wonderful here.

Alex Frankfurt Skyline Plaza
Europe-Allee 6
60327 Frankfurt
Phone: 069 76807090
Web: Alex Frankfurt Skyline Plaza

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