Bought Euro Bund Dec Futures and sold Euro Bund Sep Futures

I’ve just bought 5 GBL Dec Futures and sold 5 GBL Sep Futures.

I’m currently holding:

+15 X CL SEP 2018 Future (Crude Oil)
-15 X CL AUG 2018 Future (Crude Oil)
-2 X CL Jul 2018 65.5 Call Option (Crude Oil)
+2 X CL Jan 2019 65.5 Call Option (Crude Oil)
-6 GBL Sep 2018 Future (Euro Bund/FGBL)
+5 GBL Dec 2018 Future (Euro Bund/FGBL)
-1 GBL Jul 2018 158.5 Put Option (Euro Bund)

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