Bitcoin and Ethereum Scam with MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor is not a scammer

I just came across another Ethereum and Bitcoin scam on YouTube. A few months ago I had already pointed out these scams.
The ploy is always the same. If you send Ethereum or Bitcoin to a certain address, you get twice as much sent back.
This is, of course, a scam. Nobody gives Ethereum, or Bitcoin, just like that. Nevertheless, it seems that quite a few people fall for this scam.
The address to which the Ether should be sent is 0xe23DA36147b521C6B716E7Ea40eD110B227a2ac3 (do not send anything there under any circumstances).
Now we have the possibility to check all transactions of Ethereum addresses at Etherscan. And as you can see, Ether is indeed being sent to this address.

Transactions on Ethereum Scam Address

The bitcoin address of the scammer is 17Qj9dg1X2ybtWdtu5esMRwJbs5hG5qRtQ (don’t send anything here either, of course).
Again, we can see that money is actually being sent to this address.

Transactions on Bitcoin Scam Address

I would have thought that hardly anyone would fall for this scam. But then these scams wouldn’t exist. Besides, it’s not that uncommon for cryptocurrencies to be given away, as in so-called Airdrops.
So I can understand why some people fall for it. Anyone who sends money to these addresses will never see their money again.

I took a look at the page of the scammer:

Ethereum Event Scam or Bitcoin Event Scam.

On the home page we have the choice to participate in the Ethereum, or Bitcoin scam.

Bitcoin Scam

Make fast and join the raffle of 5000 BTC
Make it quick and enter the raffle of 5000 BTC.

If you send 1 Bitcoin, you get 2 back
When you send 1 bitcoin, you get 2 back

The main sponsor is Michael Saylor and Microstrategy
The main sponsor is reportedly Michael Saylor and Microstrategy.

Bitcoins sent and received
Here you are led to believe how many Bitcoins were received and sent back by the scammers.

Ethereum Scam

Send one Ether and get 2 back
With Ethereum, of course, the scam is the same. Supposedly, there are 100,000 ETH.

For 1 ETH get 2 back
Don’t fall for it. There won’t be two ether if you send one there.

The main sponsor is not MicroStrategy
Michael Saylor does not send Ethereum, nor does he send Bitcoin

Getting Ethereum sent for free
Here you are led to believe how many Ethereum were received and sent back by the scammers.

Conclusion: The whole thing looks professional and there are actually people who fall for this scam. Do not send anything to these addresses, because you will never see your Bitcoins and Ethereum again. Of course, neither MicroStrategy nor Michael Saylor have anything to do with this.

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