Berger Street

Do you know the Berger Street? Frankfurt has the Römer, the ECB, the Eiserner Steg, the Main River, the Zeil, etc., but if you want to see a little more than just the hardcore tourist spots, you should definitely make a small detour from the city center and take a stroll up and down the Berger.

What is the Berger Street?

Berger Strasse (Street) is a shopping, restaurant and pub mile that runs through the districts of Nordend-Ost and Bornheim. It starts at Bethmannpark and ends at a small pedestrian bridge over the A661 Autobahn to Seckbach. From Bethmannpark to the A661 it is a 3 km walk. If you want to walk the Berger Straße up and down, it is about 6 km. Whereby the last piece is not really exciting. It is quite perfect to go to the restaurant “Schöneberger”, or a few meters further to the “Irish Pub Bornheim”.

How to get to Berger Straße

If you want to stroll up and down Berger Straße, you can either take the U4 to Merianplatz and get off at the stop. But then you are missing a little part. Alternatively you could take the tram to the stop Hessendenkmal and have a look at the Bethmannpark. Or you can walk from Konstablerwache to Berger Straße.

Best we meet at the corner Friedberger Anlage/Berger Straße and I will show you now what we get to see roughly during our walk.

We start at Bethmannpark.

So we’re beginning our tour at the Friedberger Anlage and start on the right sidewalk. At “Mellow Yellow” you can treat yourself to a delicious piece of cake or an espresso. At the next corner is the Thai restaurant “Chi Chi Thai”. In summer you can sit out here. If you prefer to eat Indian food, there is the restaurant “Taste of India” 50 meters away, where there are many vegetarian dishes. We continue and at the next corner there is the bookstore “Ypsilon” (Berger Straße 18), which I can highly recommend due to the nice staff and good service.

A few meters further you can get vegan and vegetarian soups at “Suppengrün”. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to eat here yet. But I will do that soon. If you like surfing, skating or snowboarding, or if you do one of these sports, you should go to the “Montimare Boardshop” at the next corner.

Directly opposite is the “Toffis” (Berger Straße 30). Here you can get delicious food at a good price. Especially the schnitzels are very popular. Like almost everywhere on Berger Straße, you can also sit out here.

We now walk a bit further past Merianplatz. In the meantime we have arrived at house number 64 and are standing in front of the wine shop, which is also called “wine shop”:

Wine shop on Berger Straße 64
Wine connoisseurs enjoy a good drop in front of the “Weinladen” which literally means Wine Shop

A few meters further you get delicious vegan smoothies and snacks in the Rohkosteria.
The shop has just moved here from the Sandweg and it seems to run extremely well here. I will write a detailed report about the Sandweg later.

Rohkosteria Restaurant

Only 2 houses away there are delicious vegetarian falafel dishes at “Falafel & more”.

Falafel & more

Another 2 houses further on and we are standing in front of the bakery “Brot Zeit”. Here we have a large selection of organic breads and rolls as well as delicious cakes and coffee. Among them also many vegan products. You can sit very nice indoors as well as outdoors.

Bakery Bread Time

One house further on there is a “Best Worscht branch. If you are not from Frankfurt, you will probably not know “Best Worscht”. You will get the hottest curry sausages here, but you can also order fries and sausages without a degree of harshness. There are many delicious sauces to choose from. I personally love Honey & Mustard with roasted onions. Each Currywurst comes with a slice of high quality grey bread. Meanwhile there are also vegetarian sausages.

Best Worscht Berger Straße


How about a delicious ice cream for dessert? We get it at the “Eiscafé Bentivenga at house number 94:

Eiscafé Bentivenga


If falafel, healthy smoothies, schnitzel, vegan soup, Thai, Indian and delicious ice cream didn’t appeal to you, maybe a delicious steak would be the right thing for you now. You can get it in the restaurant “La Argentina”:

Steakhouse La Argentina.

….or would you prefer a gourmet burger? You can find it at “Fletcher’s Better Burger” at house number 116:

Fletcher's Better Burger


We have now arrived at the underground station “Höhenstraße”. The U4 also runs here. So we could have met here to start and end the walk.
But we are not finished yet for a long time. So far we have walked about 1/4 of the whole distance.
So it goes on now. The part between Höhenstraße and Bornheim Mitte I personally don’t find so attractive…

But in the house number 138 there is the “Schwarzlichthelden Minigolf”. I haven’t been there myself yet, but the pictures are already impressive and judging by the ratings a visit is most probably worthwhile.

Black light heroes minigolf

What I can really recommend now is the “Waffel House” in house number 142. Not to be confused with “Wonder Waffel Frankfurt”. The “Waffel House” was there first and I don’t think you should support shops that offer almost the same product with the same idea 20 meters away.

Waffel House

The road continues in the direction of Bornheim Mitte. In the Hessen Shop in the house number 148 we get numerous Hessian and Frankfurt souvenirs. Sushi friends get their money’s worth at Sushi Circle.

Berger Strasse
View towards Bornheim Mitte

The Turkish restaurant “Sindam Bistro & Cafe” is located at house number 170. I can warmly recommend this as well. Very nice staff and tasty food at a good price. Try the baked potato !!!

We go on and are now at the Bornheimer Uhrtürmchen. Every Saturday and Wednesday the Bornheimer weekly market takes place here.
If you are hungry again you can get something to eat at “Bernemer Wurstmax”:

Bernemer Wurstmax

Although, maybe a piece of cake with a good cup of coffee from “Wacker’s Kaffee” will do for now:

Wacker's Kaffee

Bornheim Middle

We have now arrived at the Bornheim Mitte stop. The U4 also stops here. So you could also start a Berger Street walk from here. Now we continue our walk. In the house number 222 there is the Biometzgerei Spahn. I have been eating vegan for almost 2 years, but I can still recommend this butcher’s shop, as there are many vegan products as well as first-class organic meat. As you can see, vegans and vegetarians don’t miss out on the Berger Straße.

We continue now, cross the Ringelstraße and pass the pizzeria “Dick & Doof”. The average rating of currently 4.3 on Google Maps shows how popular this pizzeria is.

Pizzeria Dick & Doof

A little further we go to the Apfelweinwirtschaft “Apfelwein Solzer”:

Apfelwein Solzer

We now cross the road and slowly make our way back. We could still eat a burger in the “Irish Pub Bornheim” and drink a cold beer if we hadn’t eaten so much already.

We could go a bit further and visit for example the apple wine restaurant “Zur Sonne” or the stylish Italian “Ristorante La Duchessa”. But that’s enough for today.

And back again on the other side of the road

Since we saved ourselves the Irish Pub we sit outside in the restaurant “Schöneberger” to enjoy a cold beer:

Restaurant Schöneberger

I like to go to the “Schöneberger” very much, because of the nice service, the good food and the ambience. In summer you can sit outside in front of the restaurant or in the courtyard.
But it is also very comfortable inside.

After we have drunk our beer it goes on again. We are now on the other side of the street and pass countless Asia restaurants, kebab stalls, bakeries, ice cream parlours, organic markets and mobile phone shops until we arrive back in Bornheim Mitte. In the house number 177 there is the cinema Berger. If you like to go to a rustic cinema with the charm of the 70s and 80s, the Berger Cinema is the right place for you:

Kino Berger

House number 111 houses the “Yours Sports Bar”, where you can watch football and baseball while eating a delicious burgers.

Yours Sports bar

Right next door is the “Café Bohne”, where you can get an all-inclusive breakfast at a reasonable price. There is also a “Cafe Bohne” at the zoo and I think that the breakfast at the zoo is a bit better.

Cafe Bohne Berger Straße

At house number 81 you will find the trendy, stylish restaurant “Ginkgo”, which also offers a large selection of vegan dishes.

Restaurant Gingko

So that was our walk across Berger Street. There are now still 650 meters to the Bethmannpark and there are a few kebab stalls, supermarkets, fishmongers, etc. until then. Finally the Berger Straße has a lot to offer. First and foremost, you can eat well here and there is something for every budget. But there are also many nice cafés, ice cream parlours, pubs, pubs and shops. Of course there are also a few junk shops. But I would still recommend Berger Strasse to every visitor to Frankfurt.

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