Balance on the MCO Visa card was converted to USDC stable coin

Balance on MCO Visa card has been exchanged for USDC stable coin

If you still had a balance on your MCO Visa card, you will have noticed that the equivalent value was changed into USDC stable coins when you opened the app.

The message in the app says:

MCO Visa prepaid card balance converted to stable coin due to Wirecard insolvency.

If you check your Crypto Wallet you will find the USD Coin (USDC) credit. Wallet USDC Credit

I had just in time withdrawn my remaining balance at the ATM. But there was still a remaining amount of €2,72 on it and this was simply converted into USDC.

If you did not withdraw your money in time, you can now sell your USDC stable coins and transfer the money to your bank account.

I have to say that reacted quickly and correctly here. Of course everything still works in the app. Only the Visa card is not working anymore.
I think that’s a pity, because now I have to shop without the 2% cashback of my Ruby Steel card and again mainly use my ING Visa card.
By the way, I would recommend to keep the MCO card. Who knows, maybe will find a solution very quickly and reactivate the cards. If you destroy or throw away your card, you’ll look pretty stupid.

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