$50 crypto.com Coupon (referral code py5n26a7dr)

$50 crypto.com Coupon Code

So you are looking for a referral coupon for the crypto.com app, otherwise you probably wouldn’t have landed on this page.

It’s easy to earn $50. Just click on this link and get the promo code sent to your email address, or enter the code py5n26a7dr directly into your smartphone.

How to get the $50

1.) Download the app at App Store or at Google Play and enter the Crypto.com promo code during setup: py5n26a7dr.
2.) Complete the ID card/driver’s license verification.
3.) Deposit money via SEPA, or as crypto currency to your crypto.com account and buy 50 MCO from it, you must hold it for 6 months (Stake).
4.) Apply for one of the credit cards

You will then receive MCO Token worth $50 for free. You can sell these MCO Tokens immediately if you want to.
The Visa Card was sent to me after a little more than 2 weeks. However, I can’t sell the 50 MCO Token I bought yet.

PS: If you’ve installed the App already and bought MCO, you can still use the Coupon Code to get the $50. Simply log out of the App (under Settings) and enter the Code when you log in again.

BTW, once you’re using the App you will get a Referral Code yourself and can start earning Money by referring Friends.

Update from 11/01/2021: The article is already a bit older. By now you don’t get $50, but $25. You also don’t have to stake MCO, but CRO. At the time I wrote this article, Crypto.com had 2 native tokens, namely MCO and CRO and now only CRO.

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