10000 ETH Giveaway by Vitalik Buterin Scam

10000 ETH Giveaway by Vitalik Buterin

If you watch videos on Youtube from time to time on the topics of finance, Bitcoin, Ethereum and crypto currencies, you will surely come across this commercial.
Even at respectable Youtubers this advertisement appears constantly. Most people should be aware that this is a scam.
But there are also many people who are in good faith and do not always see the evil in people. If they see these advertisements on a YouTube channel that they actually trust, it is quite possible that they will fall for it.

This is a scam. If you send your ETH to this address, the money is gone.
Of course Vitalik Buterin has nothing to do with the whole thing.
The same commercial is also seen with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.
So please don’t fall for it, guys. This is a scam.

The ad says:

10000 ETH Giveaway by Vitalik Buterin

ETH Halving 2020

To participate you just need to send between 5 ETH TO 500 ETH to the contribution address and we will immediately send you back between 10 ETH to 1000 ETH to the address you sent it from.

The minimum contribution is 5 ETH
The maximum contribution is 500 ETH

If you send 5 ETH – You will receive 10 ETH
If you send 25 ETH – You will receive 50 ETH + 5 ETH bonus
If you send 50 ETH – You will receive 100 ETH + 15 ETH bonus
If you send 100 ETH – You will receive 200 ETH + 50 ETH bonus

Use the QR Code or ETH address 0XCE02D501bb83F17a765B9e5729Cd32521eF071B1

I can’t understand why YouTube isn’t taking a more aggressive approach. I’ve been watching these clips for what feels like an eternity, which suggests that it’s worth it for the scammers and enough gullible ones fall into this trap.

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