SIGMA 18-250mm F3,5-6,3 DC OS Makro HSM without Firmware

Recently I’ve bought a new SIGMA 18-250mm F3,5-6,3 DC OS Makro HSM Lens and a Nikon D5300 Camera. Unfortunately this Lens does not work properly with the D5300, unless the newest Firmware is installed. Since I bought the Camera and the Lens in a Set I assumed that I got a working lens. But I was wrong. They accidentally sent me a Lens without the newest Firmware. So the Auto focus does not work in Live View Mode and Image Stabilization does not work. In case you’re having the same Problem, you can send the Lens to the nearest Sigma Service Center in your Country and they will install the newest Firmware for free (at least they do it in Germany).
New Sigma Lenses for Nikon should have a “D5300 Compatible” Sticker on the Box.

Anyway I’ve sent the Lens back to my Dealer, because it was their fault and since they have the right Lens in Stock I assume that this is the faster way for me.

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