Nikon D5300: Shutter or mirror mechanism defective.

Well, that’s extremely annoying. In 10 days I go on vacation for 3 weeks and now my Nikon D5300 has given up. I had just started to get interested in time-lapse photography and made my first short videos. Yesterday I took about 700 pictures with a time interval of 5 seconds. Shortly before the end the camera stopped and stopped taking pictures. I wasn’t worried about it, but later I realized that the camera was behaving very weird. Every few shots the mirror gets stuck, or clatters totally loud. The error message “Error, press the shutter button again.” appears. This works, after that I can take pictures again, but only until the error occurs again and this happens every 5-10 shots. The camera is no longer usable for interval shooting. I only took 8000 pictures with my camera. The warranty has expired, of course. I’m gonna go see Nikon and see how accommodating they are. Damn annoying. The last picture looked like this, by the way:

I will report here how it goes on.

So, meanwhile I was at Nikon in Dreieich. The staff there is very friendly and they had a look at the camera for a few minutes. They are of the opinion that the Shutter Mechanism is defective and that the repair would cost about 250 Euro. Now the question arises whether a repair makes sense, because a new D5300 currently costs €479,- in Germany
Well, I’m gonna let it cross my mind for a while. “I can still take “normal” photos with the camera, because after all, the shutter only “hooks” every 30 shots.

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