Hello and welcome to my Site. I’ve been a Full time Homeworker and Trader for many years and I make enough for a living with what I’m doing.

I am Daytrading and I’ve just opened a fresh second Account with €10.000 at Interactive Brokers which will be for my Retirement.

So I have 2 Accounts. One is for daytrading and the other is for my retirement. Actually I want to become super filthy fucking rich with my daytrading Account, but if things should go bad, I still have my retirement account.

In my retirement Account I will be trading very conservative with no risk of blowing the Account.

I also run a SEO / Internet Marketing Business which actually feeds me. I don’t have to depend on trading which is a good thing.

In this Blog I will write about the Trades in my Retirement Account and maybe about my Daytrading. But please don’t see any of my Trades as a financial advisory and don’t follow me blindly. Trading is risky and People should know what they are doing.
I will also write about my everyday life.

About Me: I live in Frankfurt Germany and English is not my first language, so please excuse me if there are some spelling or grammar errors.
I’m trying to do my best.
I was born in South Africa as the Son of a German Mother and Greek Father, but I grew up in Germany. When I was younger and had the money and time I’ve traveled some Parts of the World.
I’ve lived in San Diego, CA for about 18 Months and I’ve also lived in Cape Town South Africa again for a Couple Months and I’ve been to Australia for 3 months.